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HE IS RISEN!!!  This will be the first Easter Sunday that we will not be able to worship our risen Savior in our sanctuary.  However, the sermon will be available to hear on Salem's website immediately following the live Facebook broadcast Sunday morning at 10:00am.   Unfortunately we will not be able to enjoy Easter communion together.  Therefore, on our first Sunday back in the sanctuary we will be having a special communion to signify a new beginning.

This week, I will be offering our Depression and Anxiety Support Group through the zoom program on Thursday April 9th at 7:00pm.  Next week, Connections Bible Study will also be done through the ZOOM program on Thursday April 16th at 7:00pm..  If you are interested in participating in either session, please contact me and provide your email and I will send you an invitation.  

I want to thank everyone that have been sending in their weekly offerings to the Church.  We couldn't do this without your support.  Even though we cannot be at the Church to worship, essential business is still being conducted at the Church, which includes paying bills.  Please continue to  remember the Church during this time because your offerings are greatly appreciated.  To make it easier for you, I will be available Wednesdays between 10:00am and 3:00pm at the back parking lot. This will be a "drop and drive" system.  Meaning, when I see you pull up I will approach your vehicle with a 2 gallon bucket attached to a flag pole (to ensure proper social distancing).  You can drop your offering in the bucket and be on your way.  You can always mail your offering to the Church. We also offer e-giving.  For more information please contact me and I will get you in contact with John Watson.

 Please remember, I'm available to you via my cell phone at 717-521-4841. 

                                                      Together we will get through this!!